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The word basic, it’s so basic that it cannot be understood. If you don’t believe me, just look at the hiring practices of your organization. By no means am I pointing out their dated, faulty and not so effective hiring strategies, but the channels, which they are still using to attract talent.

Using conventional channels such as recruitment advertisements, job portals, hiring consultants may be a necessary evil to attract average job seekers but not those radical, non-conventional talent breed who can single handedly transform your company culture for good.

To attract this breed of non-conventional we have to use the not so conventional hiring tools unless you want to settle with the average job doers executing what you ask them to do. So what could be those game changing, paradigm shifting hiring tools?

The world’s population is aging whereas India has the highest number of young talent all under the age of 30 years. So where do you find these 30 year olds: simple where the other 1.5 billion users are located – Social Media.

The word Social media may raise a lot of eyebrows especially in the Indian context considering our definition of it is mere status updates every 1 hour. Which we all know is not true. Social media especially Facebook is being effectively used across the globe to attract talent. I know organizations that have minimized their hiring cost by leveraging social media tools including facebook, twitter and linkedin.

Think about it. Companies release recruitment ads in popular national dailies all claiming maximum readership TAM, RAM, the media jargon to help you rationalize the spend. When we all know newspaper ad readership cannot be measured. And if you are lucky, the result is critical mass of not fitting the bill applicant calls and applications. So is it worth it.

Whereas social media is free, if you really want to target your talent, subscribe to paid online advertisements leveraging social media technology. Not only it will be cost effective but the results will be tangible too. Basic yet overlooked.

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