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As internal communication professionals, it is very easy to get swayed in our daily tactical routine jobs and lose sight of a bigger picture.

Bigger picture is a commonly abused word at workplace. You go to any leadership summit or employee forum, you are often exposed to this word which actually most people don’t really understand.

So let me explain you what bigger picture really means and how it impacts you. When you are working in a company which is fast paced, action packed and high on deliverables, you will be asked or rather demanded to do tasks which need immediate attention. Push back or a no is not an option which you can exercise unless you want to hone your career limiting skills.

And once you get caught up in this rut of executing tasks of your internal customers, you would soon see yourself in an appraisal discussion with your supervisor. Not because you didn’t do your job right but the whole year has gone by with you executing tasks and now you find yourself sitting in an annual appraisal discussion with your manager.

Now your reward will be on how well you have done your tasks, basis which you would get your yearly bonus but not promotion. Because to get to the next level you should be able to be see the future and how you envision communications as a function in the organization. Which obviously you didn’t think in your quest to meet the tactical deadlines!

You inability to see the long term vision, integrate business goals with your deliverables may be due to lack of time or planning is what bigger picture is all about. Promotion is the analogy which I have used to connect the bigger picture because all of us as professionals relate vision with designation, well almost all of us if not all.

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