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Do you know if you are adding any value to your role as a communications professional? Adding value means going beyond the standard expectations and providing much more to what was actually being asked by your internal customers.

To put things in perspective, here is a situation. A operations business leader approaches you for an email message which he has already drafted. His expectation is only if you could give some creative touches to the look and feel of a message. What would you typically do?

Go to your design team specialist and brief her to do the job. And if that design resource is caught up, you would take some leaders name to get work done (bureaucracy still exists in most of the organizations). And if that leader likes the creative, he would probably send you an appreciation email, which makes you feel  that you are doing something remarkable by getting this work done,

You are highly mistaken. You are only doing what you are told to do. You are not adding any value. The business leader expects you to do this and you are only doing as per his/her expectations.

So what would be the value addition to this task? The value addition would be you asking that business leader the intent of the message, and offer other channels which he/she can leverage to get the message across effectively. Or if you disagree, question the intent of this message. Now that’s value add.

Value-add is your bridge between your expertise about the subject and your internal customers. Demonstrate those expertises and let the organization get benefitted. This organization benefit is your benefit too.

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