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Employee Physical health, one of the most ignored aspect of every organization. In our quest to meet deadlines, tasks and team meetings, we tend to overlook one critical aspect which has direct bearing on our productivity- fitness.

I come across employees, often complaining on not being able to find time for fitness. A fitness myth which has gripped all of us for years now is physical well being means six pack abs or size zero. Fitness has always been and will always be feeling good, looking good just follows if you tweak your routine basis your requirement.  I also have a website,, which I run for free to educate people especially my corporate friends on how to stay fit despite hectic work schedule. You can find some interesting articles there.

Why am I talking fitness in my communication blog. We as communication professionals have a huge role to play in driving employee wellness initiatives in the organization. Why?  Because a healthy employee is a productive employee!  A productive employee generates more revenue for the organization and contributes to company profits.

Companies, who have realized the potential of a healthy employee, are spending millions to drive employee wellness programs in their organizations. This includes gym tieups, group classes, cyclothons, all promoting employee physical well being. We as communications professionals need to own such offerings along with Human Resources to ensure its success.

So what all can we do to make sure it is a success.

We are in the business of branding the organization. Internal marketing is what I call. For us to brand the organization we need to first brand ourselves, it starts with us. As a communication professional you should be the brand ambassador of fitness. Employee should look up to you and draw inspiration. Only when they see the tangible benefits in you then only they will initiate and register for wellness programs.

Remember we have a huge role to play in leading by example.

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