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We as Communications professionals are more like consultants to the organization, which I call the internal marketing experts.

Companies big or small always have an appetite for employee initiatives. Those initiatives doesn’t necessarily come from Human Resources team, they could also come from the transport team to enhance employee transport experience or administration team to provide better food services to employees.

As internal marketing experts we have to approach every initiative as a campaign, to ensure its success. That’s the fun and creative part of being in internal communications, we get many opportunities to unleash our creative talent leveraging all kinds enablers to reach out to our target audience effectively viz employees.

Unlike an external corporate communications environment, where we only get to witness one organization wide campaign thanks to exorbitant media cost and company cost cutting mechanism.

When conceptualizing a campaign, we need to integrate all our existing communication channels which may include the company intranet, email, or even enterprise social networking platforms to reach out to our target audience base.

However email is an easy option for you to get the message across, but the recall value is very less and chances of that email message getting lost are very high. Hence I would encourage you to use the intranet pop ups. Why?

Because if your company attendance management tool is being hosted on the intranet, employees by default have to visit the intranet page to mark their daily attendance or their salary may get impacted on the number of days worked.

Pop ups will be first thing that they will see when they log on to the intranet to mark their attendance. There are many kinds of pop up which you like to implement but I would recommend the light box pop up which blurs the homepage and make the pop up even more visible. It’s one of the simplest things, which you can implement. This will also open up another employee communication channel for you to talk to employees.

Intranet pop up will never replace an email but can be used for daily hygiene messages.

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