What is your corporate culture


As Communication professionals we work very closely with all departments. One of the functions, which we work hand and glove with, is the Human Resources (HR) function. HR is the backbone of every organization because they play a key role in shaping company culture.

What is corporate culture

  • Corporate Culture, the phrase very commonly used but often misinterpreted by everyone. Culture is the word we often use as an excuse to cover up our gaps and delayed timelines. It is no surprise that your HR leader will bring in the culture of his/her last organization knowingly or unknowingly in the name of replicating best practices.
  • Every organization has its unique proposition or we would like to believe and the way they like to do things. The way we do things internally is what our culture is.
  • For example, if most of your coworkers take a week to respond to your email message, it means you are working for a laid back organization with no deadline pressure. Likewise if you are expected to respond to emails in hours, via your blackberry or often asked to work on the weekends, your company culture falls in a no work life balance spectrum not allowing you to explore anything other than your work deliverables.
  • That’s why most employees move on and leave when they are transitioned into a no work life balance environment from a laid back one. Haven’t you heard a term, “cultural misfit”.

Our role as communications professionals

We as communication professionals play a pivotal role in driving or molding the company culture. What we communicate, how we communicate and how often we communicate is what forms this culture. We not only have to ensure our message consistency but also are in line with the company vision on how we want to position ourselves as.Corporate culture

Communicate messages, which you as an employee would want to see not what leaders expect you to send. You can always find a common turf to please your leaders and your creative soul, just explore. Remember we are hired as value contributors. Make the most of this opportunity. Once you start thinking like your employees, not only your campaign participation rate would go increase but also its success to meet the business objective.

Don’t forget, we as communication experts may not be the voice of employee but are facilitators to carry that voice ahead ensuring it reaches the right people. That’s why it is important not to treat employees as employees but people, who will help you, connect even better with them.

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