How transparent is your company

Is your company transparent


Is the organization you are working claims to be transparent? You would hear this term from your business leaders on how transparent they are in dealing with their customers or employees. Transparency is not meant to be spoken about but to be experienced

Here are the steps to figure out the transparency quotient

  • Employee policies are for everyone to see viz information is accessible and for everyone to share
  • The management acknowledges the gaps in the business
  • Leaders  have an opinion but are very open to new ideas
  • The management recognizes hard work and rewards it appropriately by giving credit to others.
  • Everyone gets to know about employee promotions
  • Employees or leaders don’t fake knowledge and are not afraid to say I don’t know the answer to this question
  • The employee grievance system is accessible to everyone with fast traction

Traditional company construct is the exact opposite of transparency which operates on

  • Leaders know it all and they are not meant to be questioned
  • Leaders are closed minded set of experienced lot who hates the idea of changing things around them.
  • Promotions is a closed affair and no one gets to know who gets promoted and when. You only get to know this through their email signatures.
  • 90% of employee grievances are ignored, and not discussed or even closed. Because the Management feels employees will always have concerns, just ignore!
  • Management is working to please the CEO, kiss up and kick down.

social mediaHere is what communication professionals can do to bring in transparency

Introduce Social networking enterprise tool – platforms such as Yammer or social cast are readily available on an annual based plan .Introducing this tool can not only bring in everyone together on a common platform but also provides employees another platform to raise their concern or share feedback

Cost Effective- Social networking enterprise tools doesn’t cost much and company doesn’t even need to invest in technology or infrastructure. Not only they are cost effective but also very user friendly facebook like user interface

Enable employee helpline- As communication professionals, technology will help you achieve your business goal. Enable a toll-free employee helpline number or a e-ticketing tool for employees which they can access for their query based resolution.Having your management open up to social networking will be quite a task, considering most of them are from a traditional school of thought. But if you are convinced as a business user, social networking will only work for the benefit of the organization.So go make that change

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