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Making leaders transparent


There is a traditional mindset of an employee, viz leaders and management doesn’t have the time to meet up or connect with their employees. Though there are forums such as Skip level meetings, skipping your immediate supervisor and informal platforms operate in the organization but the effectiveness of such initiatives is questionable.

Tips for communication professionals to position your leaders

We as communication professionals have a responsibility in positioning our leaders. This should be part of our communication strategy.

Meeting the goal – Objective

  • Ensuring the management and the leaders are accessible, visible and approachable to employees.

How do you make it happen – Execution

  • Showcase forums available for employees to meet their leaders.
  • The forums can be both formal and informal
  • Formal meeting platforms is always a monologue, where leaders are talking to employees sharing business updates, they are generally called Townhall meetings
  • Informal meetings are one of the most effective ways to reach out to employees and a forum to know employees. This is where the dialogue begins, where employees open up to their leaders.
  • Don’t be surprised if you get to hear employee grievances  in such informal forums
  • Because you may hear some employee concerns do have participation from Human Resources team to take down action points.
  • Remember those action points need to be closed by us so that we create that trust amongst our employees, ensure you close loop with the employee who raised the concern in the first place.
  • Last but not the least, glorify the action taken and showcase to all employees, this will create credibility and employees will start trusting their leaders more.

These are some of the basics, which we need to get right.   This will further strengthen your company value system and how leaders lead by example.

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