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the company intranetTHE BORING INTRANET REVAMP

The moment you speak of the intranet, the first impression that strikes your mind is boring, irrelevant, corporate jargon tool of no relevance to any employee. Well it is true, companies don’t really know how the power of this communication enabler and how it can be harnessed for optimum employee engagement.

Things you should know about the intranet

Host company information

Intranet is where you can host all the company action. It’s a given. Hence this tool should ideally be the back bone and the knowledge repository of the organization.

Brand the Intranet

Calling it the intranet will only bring about the perception which we earlier talked about. Start by branding the company intranet, a nice name with a logo which you can use to promote it internally amongst employees.

Add functionalities

Adding company business information would not drive the intranet usage. You need to incorporate functionalities like employee salary access, reimbursement claims, and important contact details which can boost the intranet traffic

No attachments on emails pleasethe company intranet

Avoid sending attachments, rather host documents on the intranet and use company emails to drive traffic to your intranet page.

Don’t forget to update it everyday

Update stories every day – cover stories which impact the employee directly or indirectly.

Link it with News website

You don’t want to lose out on the employee traffic. Linking your intranet with a news website RSS feeds will prevent that bounce back. This way your employees won’t have to go elsewhere to get their daily news dosage!

Integrate it with Social enterprise networking tool

Social media is the future of communication, the sooner you accept it as a communications professional the better. Use enterprise social media to drive employee engagement on the intranet. Social enterprise tools such as yammer or social cast can seamlessly be integrated into your existing intranet platform adding social elements such as the “Like and share” option.

Add an intranet pop up

Adding a pop up on the homepage can be very useful to drive all important company messages especially if are expecting a call to action from employees to either sign off or sign up. Use it effectively especially light box pop ups.

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