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Whatever people may say, employee communications is a specialized skill and a function which has been gaining traction and popularity across the globe. The reasons are obvious. Companies are realizing or have realized the potential of communicating with employees in an organized manner which can help them harness and boost employee motivation.

Why employee communications

Change Catalysts

We play a key role in bringing that much needed cultural change in the organization by tapping into the pulse of the company through opinion polls.

Mediators between leaders and employees

We are the voice of the company and an intermediary between management and the frontline employees. Now you know we have a huge role to play.

Impact the company revenue cycle indirectly

We may not bring in the revenue to the organization directly but play a role of a catalyst by improving the employee morale via campaigns which helps them generate revenue for the company.

Keep employees updatedcommunications career

We have a huge responsibility to keep our employee updated about the latest in the company before they get to know from someone external.

Align employees with company vision

We play a role in aligning employee productivity with that of organizational goal with our ongoing communications efforts and initiatives.

Tips for communications professionals

  • Always try to add value to what you do, companies doesn’t pay us just to execute tasks but also to strategize the way forward.
  • Treat every message as important as a news item. Remember we are company journalists, and are shaping the culture of the organization.
  • Use all communication enablers effectively which includes the intranet, email messages, sms, pop ups and enterprise social networking tools.
  • Brand functions and initiatives for the organizations; remember these are our internal products which need to be promoted for usage.
  • Help functions and business with solutions and appropriate messaging
  • Build a cross functional team which can feed you with company information. These people can your point of contact for their respective group and your extended team.
  • Work closely with HR to understand employee concerns and gaps for you to address them via communications.

Remember it is not what you do, but how you do, execution is as important as the thought itself.

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  1. The lack of effective employee communication is one of the biggest problems at many companies today. Much of this comes from the fact that many of these businesses don’t place any value on their staff.

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