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In my last post I talked about AIER, Attract, Inform, Engage and Retain methodology in drafting a communications strategy for the organization. It starts with attracting talent, which we covered in detail. This post will cover the next phase of AIER viz Inform.


If attract phase was all about pulling talent to your brand, inform phase is about effective storytelling to communicate your value proposition.

What is the objective?

You have done all the right things in attracting talent via your website, and social media strategy in getting prospective employees to apply to your organization. Now is the time for you tell your story in why they should work for or with your company. We call this the “INFORM” stage.

Channels you can use

The most effective channel, which you may want to use in the “inform” phase, is the interview process.

The interview process

The interview is an integral part of your hiring process and also a benchmark of how effective your pull strategy is. For “inform” phase to be successful we have consistently try to provide the  “WOW” interview experience to all the prospects that come for the interview

The opportunitiesBranding opportunity

You are presented with various branding opportunities, which can help you make the hiring experience a most memorable one. Remember it’s not the job but the experience of getting the job, which candidates remember.

The receptionist

Your company receptionist is the most critical touch point of the hiring experience. Since he/she is the one who would be first physical company contact for the organization. Make sure this person knows about the organization and is fluent in communication. Just imagine going to a company whose receptionist is corny and have a hard time communicating in plain English. That should tell you something about the company!

The Waiting room

Research tells us that its in the waiting room a candidate forms a perception of the company. It is in this very room, the incumbent is looking around things very closely and paying attention to every minor detail. We have an opportunity to brand the waiting room with initiatives, which may grab their eyeballs. This may include your organization growth, success stories showcasing employees who have risen through the ranks.

The recruiter

Imagine a company recruiter approaches you with a smile wearing a company tshirt and escorts you to an interview room. Makes you feel comfortable and formally introduce you to the other hiring panel members. Now that’s professional. But how many times do we get such an experience? Something we need to ask ourselves.

The pitch

No matter what you choose to do with your applicants, hire them or most of the times don’t find them suitable for the job, ensure you have a great decline pitch ready. Remember this may not be music to the applicant ears hence add a little emotional touch to it to make it more genuine. Remember we are not at good with taking rejections in life.

Company merchandize

Remember it’s the experience which the person is taking back after this interview experience, so give that person something which he/she can always remember. Company merchandize, which may include a pen, notepad or even a diary, will do just fine. Please note this person will go back in the market and will spread word of mouth about your organization so this person should be of utmost importance to you.

Next post we will cover the “Engage” phase

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