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In my last post I talked about managing employee creativity and how important it is for communication professionals like us to tap employee creative talent and channelize it for business growth. This post will be in continuation to that where we would highlight more on employee interest groups and how creating such groups and forums can unleash employee productivity.

Employee talent

Let’s acknowledge the fact that our employees have a life after work which they live to satisfy their creative interest. But there are very few organizations which nurture this creative interest; rather they leave employees with no time to follow their creative passion.

Even I thought the same but then one day one of my coworkers shared some pictures which she had clicked on her trip to Italy. Those pictures were so captivating that it could give even professionals photographers a run for their money.

So I thought why not give her a platform where she could showcase all her pictures with employees besides her facebook account. Here is what we did

Tips for communications specialists

Employee clubs

Created a photography club for the organization

We figured out that there were many employees who were passionate about photography but none of their coworkers knew about their creative potential. All they were doing was uploading their pictures on their facebook account for their friends to comment.

We thought of creating an employee photography club where we could get all passionate photographers together to share their work and learn from each other.

Submit Photographs

With this theme in mind we started doing the backend work. First one was to create a page on the intranet where employees could submit their photographs without having to email to us.

The buzz- employee campaign

Once we had a backend platform, we planned a campaign capturing the following

  • About the photography club
  • Frequently asked questions(FAQ) about the club
  • What kind of contributions can be submitted
  • Where to submit the contribution
  • The reward mechanism for the best picture

 The result

With three weeks of its launch we had more than 120 entries from employees across locations, with some nice and not so nice pictures. This was remarkable, completely taking the management by surprise.

These 120 employees who three weeks ago didn’t even know each other had now found something to talk about with each other. This gave me an idea to replicate this for other interest groups too. What followed was

  • The writing club
  • The music club
  • The books club
  • The hiking club
  • The movie club

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