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As communication professionals you would be required to develop campaigns, which can potentially change the way employees think about the organization. But most of us have don’t even think about changing attitudes and behaviors via internal employee campaigns. Our short terms goal is only to raise awareness through compelling visuals and storyboard.

Isn’t it true! How many times before campaign implementation do you align your customer’s needs with the organization? This approach to communications can actually define your methodology -tactical or strategic

Tactical or strategic- putting business first

Here is a common situation- Mostly our internal customers come to us with boring policies and messages to cascade amongst employees, with a simple communication goal to raise awareness about that information. We also in our bid to align ourselves to customer requirement give in to that objective not being mindful that information cascade will only be very short-lived considering employees receive many messages in their inbox on a daily basis.

We may please our customers by helping them with their message but in a long run if it is not helping the business, this customer will come back to us as dissatisfied customer basis the zero effectiveness of the campaign on our employees.

Internal communications

Reactive or planned

Do you develop a communications plan on being asked by a business leader or proactively create e plan for the year and then with the help of your team seamlessly implement it.

Its important as communications specialists to create a yearly, structured communication plan capturing key messages which you would cover month on month. This actually means strategic communications, preventing the flow of ad-hoc messages, which has no recall value and invariably increasing the effectiveness of the planned message.

Leadership buy-in on the plan

We can’t make a plan basis what we think as specialists, the communication plan should capture you leaders pain areas, which they can address via identified key messages.  You don’t want a situation where management feels the communication goals are not aligned to business.

Add value – don’t make noise

As a communication specialists we have been hired to add value to every message that goes out, don’t just execute and implement whatever you get from your customers. Question them in a way, which is not too offensive, and find a common turf to get your message across. I also have a post dedicated to value add. 

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