Measuring campaign success

campaign successHow do you measure your campaign success?

I still remember those yearly appraisal discussions with my boss on what all have I done through the year. But the fact is if you have hundred achievements to share with your supervisor he/she will have hundred and one things on what all you have not done. Especially in communications when quantifying campaigns can be a tough ask,

Hence it is important for you to measure and capture your campaign data.

The role of numbers- leaders only understand numbers

Gone are those days when internal communication specialists had a tough time measuring their internal campaign success. All of us had a challenge at the end of the year in our appraisal discussions quantifying the achievements. Unfortunately the management or the leaders would not be convinced on just plain imagery. The only language your leaders understand is numbers.

Which function has maximum promotions!

Take a sneak peak into your company; most of the promotions would be in Operations. That is because anything and everything employees do in operations is measurable in sheer numbers. On the other hand, communication professionals across the globe face a challenge showcasing their work.

campaign success

No ten slide presentation please

We all know that it is not about a ten-slide presentation anymore with beautiful images of the internal campaigns you have initiated. It’s about the impact of those campaigns. Measurable impact, which we call it needle movement.

Employee surveys

Employee Surveys was our only saving grace but now thanks to Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) the results can be seen in numbers. ESN is your internal Facebook, which measure your employee engagement score via number of likes, posts and messages. How is that for data?

Enterprise social Networking may just be the answer

Various organizations are opening their doors to ESN given the changing landscape of communications. Because chances are 90% of your employee base may be Gen X who are glued to social media for updates. ESN is your most economical way to reach out to them that too with ease. eMails are a passe, think about connecting with your GEN X via ESN, it works.

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