Get over emails please


Things have changed. But somehow few companies and employees refuse to acknowledge this change. They still use the dated email platform to talk to their employees expecting them to read their all-important organization messages.

Things have changed

The change can be seen in the way we communicate with each other. Use the social networking platform to connect with each other to get things done faster. If you are not fast to execute, you will loose your internal brand value in the organization.

email wars can slow you down

eMail is one such dated platform which can actually slow you down at work. Agreed it is one of the means to connect but not the only one. Some people/employees have this annoying habit of emailing for every little thing, which is what actually slows people down. Because what an email does is trigger a reaction from the recipient a pleasant or not so pleasant reaction. Which ultimately leads to an email war where both engaged parties trying to cut corners for each other. And a horrific experience being presented to the people cced on this message. What a waste of time and energy.


Email nurtures negativity

Such email wars nurture negativity amongst employees superimposing the battle of egos. You would be surprised to know the average amount of time an employee spends in the company writing emails, let alone writing stinkers and nasty email messages when all it takes is a phone call, a healthy discussion in person or just a wall post on all company social network platform.

Get collaborative not competitive

Move on guys and stop this email battles, it’s all passé. In this digital age of social media, it is about the collaborative approach not the competitive one to succeed in workplace. That was 90s when employees try to manipulate you in the name of politics. It was 2000s when people tried to take the credit for things they didn’t even do. Now it is about sharing with employees on what you can do not what has been done. Get collaborative not competitive

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