Push but reward employees too

RecognitionYou must be a recipient of spam (because we don’t read these emails) in your mailbox from telecom companies or the banks thanking you for being their most valued customer.

Dont overlook employee contribution

I find this extremely contradictory. On one hand they are celebrating their customer success and on the other they are overlooking their employee contribution in acquiring that very customer.

Companies fail to understand that it’s the employee who has helped them acquire and service that valued customer. How can something so basic in nature can yet be so uncommon. Though you will find fair (that’s what companies claim) Rewards and recognition programs in organizations rewarding the not so deserving employees. But so long they have a platform; the approach can always be questioned.

Do you have a recognition program

But what do you say about companies who don’t have a Recognition program. Yes it’s true. And you happen to work in an organization like that. Complaining is easy that’s what employees would do but not you as an employee communications professional.  So what should you do?


Start with an informal recognition program

While the formal employee reward program takes time to shape, you can start an informal recognition program on the company intranet. All it needs is a robust backend form mapped to the employee directory. If you company intranet is not evolved, you can also create email templates and circulate amongst management. Why management because the top to bottom approach still works very well in India.

A small pat on the back or a small email from the supervisor goes a long way. You don’t have to wait for a formal platform to recognize hard workers. Just play smart and create an informal recognition culture. And you will witness the recognition emerge out.


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