Make your boring company messages interesting

creating campaignsIn an external marketing environment, we have companies offering products to consumers, likewise in organizations; functions and line of businesses are selling their unique proposition to its consumers viz employees. How they communicate their offering is where they need communication professionals like us.

Making the message interesting

We as professionals have to consistently find creative ways to cascade the boring org- messages which some of them are every transactional and mundane in nature. For example Code of Conduct company policies sensitizing employee on the appropriate dress code. Chances are 99% of the communication experts will draft an email message and send the policy link as an attachment.

Selling a campaign

If policy was a product and you are a salesperson, would you still sell this product via email link? You won’t. You would probably initiate a campaign, use various communications enablers to get to your customers and ensure your policy is being read. Why not apply the same rule internally for employees.

Add valuecreating campaigns

That’s why the company has hired us to add value not just execute tasks. Some of the communication leads have taken the policy campaign to another creative level and are using humor to get the message across.

Use humor

Humor is just one approach; there are many other ways to make such important policies more relevant and user friendly, which I would leave that to your creative imagination.

Treat employees as humans

Don’t just treat your internal stakeholders as employees treat them as customers and offer them solutions which will help you create your own strong internal brand. It is very easy to push back which you should exercise as and when but not at the cost of your customer experience.

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