Information sharing is power not withholding it

shareThere was this time when everyone in the organization would try to withhold information from being leaked to their fellow colleague. Because this classified information was their edge against others to use it at an appropriate time for their long due promotion.

It worked well then but now, this may just work against you. How, it is simple, if you think you know something what others don’t, you may be wrong, because everyone knows what you know, rather you may be the last one to know. Thank you social media!


What works now is the reverse approach, how soon you share information.

There has been a fundamental shift on how we consume information

  • From being just told to be the first one to be told
  • From being a mere recipient to now being an active participant.

Don’t you see this paradigm shift; if not here is my question to youshare

  • How would you consume a week old news update, chances are you may not want to see it simply because it is dated and irrelevant.
  • How would you react on finding out your dear colleague had resigned two months ago, only you were late to figure out?

I urge all of you to feel the change and keep up with this change. If you don’t you would end up being irrelevant and redundant too, in an ever changing organizational environment.

Tips for communication professionals  

  • Showcase communication platforms where employees can contribute ideas and best practices.
  • Encourage participation– Don’t just initiate a monologue pushing content to employees hoping they would read and react.
  • Use social media– have said this in the past, social media can be your best friend or your biggest enemy, it’s not weather you use social media it’s how do you use social media.
  • Email war is old school– email war is and will always be a waste of time. Add value to other productive things. Remember the end result of an email war is compromise, you decide when do you want to compromise at the start of it or when you embarrass yourself amongst others with fifty exchange emails.

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