Its high time- recommend change

ChangeAre you still stuck with sending emails to all your employees on any new recent company update?

Do you still work with the advertising agency to help you design the posters to display company values on the four walls of the company?

Is your marketing team still in the approval phase to launch company’s facebook page?

Are your company employee’s still using blackberry, the old age technology phenomenon, to read emails on the go?

It’s time you recommend two all important changes! Remember it all starts with recommending.

Change # 1

Introduce Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

For god sakes stop using emails for small or big company updates. Data suggest on an average an employee receives more than 50 emails a day. And in the clutter of these emails, the important organization messages get overlooked. Think about it, how many times have you emailed your friends about any new development in your life.

What would you do, post your status on facebook for all to see it. Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) is facebook for business. Not only it reduces your email clutter but also increases the employee participation and engagement levels.

Change # 2

Revamp your intranet

If you are still using your company intranet for all the boring reasons, which includes policy hosting and leadership mantra, think again! Run the company intranet as an interactive website. Make it a two-way communication rather than you positng information on it. This is what you can look at incorporating

  • Employee blogs
  • Employee creative contribution
  • Image gallery
  • Video gallery
  • Interesting News feed
  • Employee comments
  • Opinion polls

Also I am leaving you with an interesting infographic on how you can use video in your internal communications arsenal.

infographics on video

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