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tarungill.comLet me take the liberty to summarize the career graph of almost ninety percent of the working professionals globally

  • Average in academics as kids
  • Confused about career
  • Went to college (some even skipped)
  • Didn’t know what they were doing
  • Finished graduation
  • Confused yet again which career to persue
  • Decided to do an MBA hoping that will make them more hirable
  • Confused again finish the MBA
  • Some get placed in business school
  • Some try to find a suitable job
  • With limited option, find a job, which doesn’t interest them
  • This job is typically used to either pay off the education or home loan
  • Wait for better opportunity to come along
  • A better opportunity comes but in the same domain which they never wanted to take up
  • Lured by money, they grab the opportunity
  • Keep doing the job, which they didn’t like as much but got it by default only because the money was good.
  • They think of quitting but they have to feed the family.
  • Few more years into the role, they get another opportunity with better money but again in the same function.
  • They take it only this time they are working as leaders.
  • Before they know it, they are already 50 years old, doing what they never liked in the first place.
  • Start sulking how life could have been better had they taken the decision to do something which they truly wanted to do.

Why invest years in something which doesn’t interest you. Do something which you love, the money may not be as great initially but it will give you the creative satisfaction to keep you happy. Think about it!

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